“Mystery Train” Reviewed by New Pages

New Pages is a very comprehensive website listing, and reviewing magazines, websites, podcasts, and journals. They are fee free and a very good alternative, or as I see it a compliment to Duotrope Digest. Recently Katy Haas at New Pages did an exceptionally nice review of issue 23, the “Mystery Train” issue. She took care and really spent the time to go through and evaluate many of the pieces we published. By name she complimented Kona Morris, Gay Degani, Jennifer Davis, Meg Tuite, Craig Faustus Buck, Len Kuntz, Isobel Horsburgh, Winston Van Lance, and Kristen Fouquet for her amazing Edgar Allan Poe-Boy postcard insert. Thanks of course to Katy Haas, but a big thanks to everyone who helped with the issue be you mentioned or not. Here’s the link.


Blink-Ink Dance Party !

We asked a double handful of Blink-Ink All Stars to put on their dancing shoes, bring records in from home, and share some very short stories. Rocky Mountain Revival was kind enough to host our podcast, so a very big thanks to Levi Andrew Noe who runs the show. We all hope you can find the time to listen, and if you like what you hear please vote for Levi’s show at iTunes podcasts. We are delighted to so many fine readers including Catfish McDaris, Nancy Stohlman, Meg Tuite, Jonathan Cardew, Jayne Martin, Gat detain, Paul Beckman, Sharon Coleman, Lynn Mundell, or very own Sally Reno, and I close out the show. Please take a listen, and tell us what you think so we can make the next one even better. www.rockymountainrevival.com  Check out our Dance Party!

Blink-Ink Submissions for the “Magic” issue are now open.


Do you speak Dragon?

Have you been known to pull bunnies from within your silk top hat?

A woman, seemingly sawed into two parts on a vaudeville stage.

Ancient magic buried deep, long predating mankind.

The Fae with their magics both light and dark, and the enchantment of the glimmer, concealing many a gruesome secret.

An uncle who pulls a coin from behind you ear (yet again).

The magic of love, and everyday miracles as well.

From the smallest magic of a kitchen witch or tomten, to the shifting of realms and the haunting of worlds by great powers unseen.

In fifty words or so tell your magical story be it real, imagined, or only rumored…. one hint only in a travelers tale?

No artwork submissions for this issue, we have it covered in house.

 Thanks. please send in the body of an email to: blinkinkinfo@gmail Up to three pieces, no attachments or bios please.

Submissions open April 1, 2016 to May 15th, 2016

*closing date subject to change*