Submissions open for issue #25 “Crossroads”


When young Dorothy asks the Scare Crow which fork in the yellow Brick Road leads to the Emerald City, she is only asking for directions.

That is not the story we are looking for. Tell us in fifty words or so about facing decisions that will change everything. The future of an individual, a group, a nation, or the world.

Daily we make dozens of choices, of decisions, but how many matter?

We want to hear about the important ones.

Traditionally Crossroads have been places of destiny, a liminal space between worlds ruled by Gods and demons alike. In ancient times hanged men and suicides were buried at Crossroads to confuse tormented spirits should they return.

Send us stories that tell us what we need to know, and perhaps what shouldn’t know as well. This issue seems to have a darker feeling than most of what we publish.

Perhaps it is a refection of our times.

Please send submissions from August first through September 15th in the body of an email to:

No attachments or bios please. We read and respond to all submissions.

July News, and Updates to Come.

Welcome to Summer and all things hot n hazy. Blink #24 “Magic” went out on schedule for July First. This issue we put out approximately 200 copies. We have done more, and at times less but 200 copies in circulation seems right for now.

You may have heard fireworks and wondered what it was all about, and now that the cat is out of the bag (and temporarily deaf in one ear) we can share the reason. It’s the Blink-Ink Summer Sizzler of goodness. Our summer subscription drive is on, but wait… there is more. We have a great selection of new books donated by various Blink-Ink writers for giveaways with new subscriptions. Maybe renewals too, but you’d have to ask Sally Reno who is handling distribution on this. Some of the authors who were generous to donate books are: Robin Stratton, Sharon Coleman, Brad Rose, Victor Clevenger, Paul Beckman, and Catfish McDaris. Fist come, first serve till they are gone.

Coming up for August First will be the guideline for our next issue, and submissions will open at that time.