Beinecke Rare book Museum to Re-open

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University in New Haven Ct has been closed for the last 16 months for renovations. Yale did the same recently with the Yale Center for British Art. Not so much a remodel as an upgrade. The Beinecke has amazing 1.25 inch thick Vermont marble walls that the sun actually shines through and a subterranean six story transparent climate controlled central core for their collection. So why are we at Blink bringing this up? Because thanks to out friend Katie Yates Blink-Ink is archivedĀ in its entirety at the Beinecke. We are very proud of this, and Yale supports us through it’s ongoing academic services subscription. The museum reopens Sept. 6th, and the is a reception in early Oct. Blink will have representation at the event, please come if you can. images