Star 82

Our friend Alisa Golden hand makes books. If you love books and the printed word you will treasure her work. She is a fine writer too and here on her “Star 82” site she has a very unique take on Blink-Ink. She writes about our publication, but also about her journey to getting published with us. Great post, cool photos, and an amazing take on Blink. She even puts us on whole wheat!

Pushcart Nominations 2016

This is a magic time of year for many reasons. The reason we have in mind is The Pushcart Awards. Every year publications both great and small may nominate up to six  pieces of work that they have published in the last twelve months. This is a way for us to recognize authors and to say thanks for supporting Blink-Ink. We are working on a special project involving our 2015 and 2016 nominees. More to come on that. As some of you know Blink-Ink has a sister publication (and another in the wings). “The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang” is small and therefore only has one nomination, but hopes to grow and be more prolific in 2017.

Here are our nominees, and congratulations to you all.

Blink-Ink 2016 Pushcart Nominations

Rob Geisen #25 Civil War

Steven Dunn #25 Stay

Selah Saterstrom #25 Digging for the Devil

Gay Degani #23 Prayer

Jesse Anger #22 Presence

Kathryn Knudson #24 After Work

The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang 2016 Pushcart Nomination

Sally Reno  –  Tom, The Henchman’s Boy


Recent Updates, The Pumpkin Spice Addition

Fall is in the air and we at Blink-Ink are very busy. Let’s take a minute and share some of what is going on. Issue #25 “Crossroads” is fantastic, a really stellar issue. It is at the printers now and will mail out by months end. We have a very special insert that has being provided by our sister publication “The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang”. This is something all new. Previously Kitty Wang has done only broadsheets, which she may well return to this upcoming year.

Fall is also the time for The Pushcart Awards. Blink-Ink’s 2016 nominees have been selected and confirmed, shortly we will make this list public. There is a special project in the works involving both our 2016 and 2015 nominees. There will be an all new podcast with our friend Levi Noe at Rocky Mountain Revival and something special to follow. Cool details and odd bits to follow.