Best Small Fictions Awards 2017

‘Tis the season, but…. We here at Blink were very excited to be asked to nominate some of our many fine contributing writers for the Best Small Fictions Awards. There are dozens of people we’d love to select, but are only allowed five, so here they are and congratulations to all.

Best Small Fiction Nominations 2017

Blink Ink is proud to announce our nominations. We wish to thank Tara Masih Series Editor, and Amy Hempel Guest Editor for this opportunity. We also wish to thank the many fine and talented people who allowed us the pleasure of publishing their work during the past year. Our nominees are as follows: Steven Dunn for “Stay” Rob Geisen for “Civil War” Selah Saterstrom for “Digging for the Devil” Sally Reno for “Tom, The Henchman’s Boy” Catfish McDaris for “Mamacita Frankenstein”

Submissions For Issue #26 “Space” Are Now Open

Space ….. to boldly go etc. When this issue comes out the Winter Solstice will have passed and all will be made anew. A new year, a new regime, and a fresh new start. We feel an expansive, adventurous, futuristic theme would be in order. To paraphrase PKD at his finest these should be “Stories that could only take place in space”. Your story should be about space, outer space, the cosmos, or the ever elusive partner of space …. time. Please send us your best prose fiction of 50 words or less that touches upon our theme. No poetry, no bios please. Submissions open November1 through Dec 14.