Submissions Blink-Ink #27 “One Eyed Jacks & Deuces Wild” Opens

Blink-Ink Announces a Theme for Annual Un-themed Mega Issue

What? How can that be? A theme for something with no theme? Our first Annual Mega issue is un-themed, but has a subplot. The issue is titled “One Eyed Jacks & Deuces Wild”. We are accepting fiction submissions of 50 or so words from February first 2017 to March fifteenth (hail Caesar) 2017.

“Deuces Wild” selections will be much like a nude beach, anything goes for those who “bare what they dare”. Write what you will on any topic.

“One Eyed Jacks” is for those who prefer to keep at least a little something on. Cards, card games, noir, a gamble. Any of these are words that could fit nicely. Playing card artwork is fascinating. Universal little stories told with a single small image. Games of chance (or strategy), Social networking before we had social networks. Noir as in people playing each other rather than an unknown soul in the machine. The little magic of card tricks, greater magics unseen. Smokey rooms, cards up sleeves, late nights or the bridge club. A tell, a call, (a suspicion). Go-Fish or high stakes. The Monte Carlo of James Bond or playing for buttons up in your tree house. We would very much like to read your stories on these topics or another entirely as you prefer.

Send some of each if you like. Standard submissions guidelines are listed on our website Submissions in the body of an email to: No attachments, no poetry, and no bios please.

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