Submissions are now closed for issue #29 “Outlaws”

Hello fellow travelers, submissions for Blink-Ink #29 the “Outlaws” issue have now closed. The issue is due out Sept 1st and will be very exciting. A few old friends are included which is nice. More importantly the majority of writers are people new to us. Some aspects of things that we found fascinating were of course who is an outlaw, what defines them as such? Since that often leads to doing something illegal, or lawless what acts are these? Are these actions or thoughts actually crimes? So much of good stuff here. Guidelines for the next issue will be posted about the same time as this issue mails out (Sept 1st). The theme is going to be something a bit different, something that we hope will bring in more great work from our ever expanding pool of friends and associates. Thanks to everyone so far, and final notifications will be out by the end of the week.