Blink-Ink Pushcart Nominations for 2017

Blink-Ink Pushcart Nominations for 2017

We here at Blink-Ink are very proud to nominate the following writers for their outstanding work.

Brad Rose – In Two Places at Once

Kate LaDew – I Dream that I’m Falling

Howie Good – Dark Tourism

Kathy Fish – River

Jayne Martin – Collateral Damage

Robert Masterson – Santa Muerto Can’t Help You Now


Doug Mathewson Editor

Sally Reno Managing Editor

Blink-Ink Guidelines Issue #30 “Diner”

Diners, the old school kind, warm puddles of light in the urban hardscape or on the open road. The Night Hawk. An Edward Hopper painting. Humid havens steamy with the aroma of comfort food and existential angst. A place of refuge where breakfast is served twenty four hours a day and your cup is never empty. A jukebox in every booth, and every booth a story to tell. Tell us in fifty words or so your diner story, be it true, imagined, or truly wished for. Submissions in the body of an email to No bios, poetry, or attachments please. See our site for our standard submissions guidelines. Also for this issue we are having a photo contest, theme same as above. Submissions are open from September 1st to October 15th 2017.

  • We had posted an earlier version of these guidelines that was confusing and contradictory. Please go by these.