Submissions Open for Issue #31

Blink-Ink #31 – “Fame”


I’m going to live forever!”

Really? Hows does that work? Does Everyone really want to be famous? Is that such a good idea? What would you do to get there? Or are we too skeptical and fame is just a simple happy thing? Why such intent pursuit of something people latter shun.

In fifty words so so tell us what you know or imagine about fame. Submissions are open December 1st 2017 to January 15th 2018 Send in the body of an email to:

See our site for general submission guidelines.

Blink-Ink Nominations For 2018 Best Small Fictions

Awards are a good way to say thank you to some of the many talented people who kindly share their work with us every year. Previously we have posted our nominations for both this year’s VERA, and the Pushcart Awards. Here are our nominees for 2018 Best Small Fiction Awards. Congratulations.

Doug & Sally

Blink-Ink Nominations The 2018 Best Small Fictions Awards

Steven Dunn – Happy Little Trees

Howie Good – Snap Krackle Pop

Lynn Mundell – Roger Trilogy

Robert Masterson – Santa Muerto Can’t Help You Now

Mark McGuire-Schwartz – Jersey Diners

Blink #30 “Diner” Has Been Released

There is a lot going on at Blink-Ink these days. Our “Diner’ issue (#30) has just shipped out. It is an especially good issue, with more artwork than usual and a very special guest author. We are proud of everyone in every issue. This issue we are proud to feature Ms. Kelly Link. She was kind enough to share an excerpt from here story “Summer People” which appears in her book “Get in Trouble”. Thank you very much for giving us permission to use your work. Here’s what the cover looks like. Please subscribe today.