Summer 2018 News and Updates

Issue #32, “Curbside” has mailed out. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. if you’re not quite sure drop us a note for a sample copy.

Here are guidelines for the upcoming issue open from June 1st, to July 15th 2018. If you have questions, please contact us. Thanks.


Blink-Ink Issue #33 “State Fair”

(“Some Pig!”)
The smell of Funnel Cakes and Cotton Candy. The sound of Rogers and
Hammerstein then Kickin’ Country. Young love. Corn-dogs.
The Ferris Wheel  on a summer night. Rodeo clowns and rodeo sweethearts.
Three days camping out back. Carnies and farm kids waiting to break down, and load up Sunday night. Old folks talking about way back when.
The sinister midway barker, the demented ride operator, nothing quite what it seems, Stephen King in the Tunnel of Love. Charlotte’s valor saving Wilbur.
In 50 words or so tell us stories about the “State Fair”
Submissions open till 7/15/2018, please send in the body of an email to:
Photography (especially vintage) and art work welcome, no bios, attachments, or poetry please.