New Issue “Uninvited Guests” Open Now

Blink – Ink Winter Issue

“Uninvited Quests”


They come in all sizes, shapes, and species. Some loom so large they
blot out the sun, others you may never actually see. They could be a mortal threat or merely annoying. Others a delightful surprise! (You may have been one.)
Tell us your best stories of approximately 50 words about “Uninvited Guests”.
Please send your work in the body of an email to:
No bios, or poetry please. We are very interested to see art work for
this issue as well. More general details and guidelines on our website We respond to all submissions & inquiries.

Submissions are open for this issue from Sept. 1rst, to Oct. 15th 2018

We look forward to hearing from you


Blink-Ink “State Fair” is now available

State Fair is a great issue, it contains our promised themes of young love, corn-dogs, demonic carnies, and hot summer nights. We wish to thank everyone who shared their work as well as the good folks who subscribe. The issue mailed out on time for  Sept. 1st, 2018 delivery. Here is our contributors listing.


State Fair

Always More to the Story – Kathryn Knudson
Pink – Lydia Stevens
The Bearded Lady in the Tunnel of Love – Gay Degani
Motion Sick – Victoria Large
Free Ride – Suzanne M. Cody
Shade – Steven Dunn
That Harriet – Doug Mathewson
The Story of Aaron – Brittany Ackerman
Dogs – Iris N. Schwartz
Thank You Roy – Gayle Bell
Minor Miracle – Jeff Nazzaro
Into the Curve – Ada Pelonia
Twenty Seconds to Stink Bomb Detonation – Kevin Ridgeway
So Much Depends – Miriam Kotzin
It’s the Shtick Not the Stick – Miriam Kotzin
Cotton Candy – Robert Masterson
Vintage Photography – House of Mirth
Little Fishy – Ryan Latini
Too Many Prizes – Mary Beth O’Connor
Suspicion – Brad Rose
Digestion – Tom Hazuka
Ferris Wheel of Fate – Mark McGuire-Schwartz
My Mother Was a Circus Clown – Nancy Stohlman
My Clown Mother Has Joined a Cult – Nancy Stohlman
Funny Functions – ML Lichter
From the Ferris Wheel – ML Lichter
First Place – Traci Mullins
SpinningSkyward – L.G. Keltner
The Gravitron – Mary Crosbie

Front cover Ring of Fire – Maddie White
Rear cover Midway Kitchen – Christopher Woods

Doug Mathewson – Editor
Sally Reno – Managing Editor
Mike Spaner – IT and Web Design
K&G Graphics – Print Services