Nominations Best Microfiction 2018

Award season is upon us, and Blink-Ink is proud to nominate the following writers

for the Best Microfiction 2018 award. The nominees are as follows:


Liam Pezzano – Dusty Angels
Jennifer Vanderheyden – Moi Aussi
Claire Polders – Tabula Rasa
Iris N. Schwartz – Dogs
Steven Dunn – Shade
Nancy Stohlman – My Mother Was a Circus Clown
Jayne Martin – Working Girl
Robert Masterson – Santa Teresa, NM #9 & #17

Congratulations, and the best of luck to you all.

Issue #34 Uninvited Guests Is Now Closed

Thank you one and all for the over whelming number of submissions. We are now closed for this issue. Dec. 1st 2018 will be a big day as that is when the issue will mail out and also the day the new issue’s theme and guidelines will be posted. We had so many stories this time around. Traditionally Uninvited Guests, no one invited Alice to the Queen’s garden party and grandma certainly didn’t ask the wolf in, as well was many story of the uninvited.  We will respond to everyone shortly, and once again, thank you.