Coming September 2019

September first 2019 will see an exceptional issue from Blink-Ink.

First off it will mark ten years of publication for us (don’t do the math). We have something special planned in way of an additional mini-chap insert once again from good friend Kitty Wang and her Mambo Academy Crew. Shorter term here are the guidelines for the issue. Any comments or questions, please email us. We do respond to all inquiries. Every one on them.


Vanish into thin air. Hop down your best Rabbit Hole. Get off the grid. Disconnect. Became part of the wallpaper. Fade away. Must you go? Is there danger? Or is the choice not yours to make. People to avoid, or just too hard to explain. Is this instigated by some one else ? But why? Benevolent intervention, deadly threat, or matters unknown.
Submissions are open June 1st through July 15th for your stories of approximately
50 words. Send in the body of an email to blinkinkinfo@gmail.com No bios, attachments, or poetry please.
For additional submissions information see www.blink-ink.org

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