Summer And Soon To Be Fall News

Summer 2019 is slowing down, and there is so much coming up for Blink-Ink. The fall issue, Blink-Ink #37 “Disappear” is done and will be mailing our around Sept. 1st 2019. It goes out with an insert that is something very new to us. Inserts from Kitty Wang or other sources aren’t new, but the idea of this one is. Our managing Editor Sally Reno in collaboration with Edward DeVito and Chandra Bisberg and the Middle School students of Penobscot Community School, Penobscot Maine. The insert is all student writing on the topic of video games. “Disappear” is our 10th Anniversary issue. We are very proud of every issue, but this one especially as it contains so many wonderfully talented writers of diverse backgrounds. Cover art by Jay Halsey is stunning.

We have changed printers as K&G Graphics has closed it’s doors, and are now working with TYCO print and Promo. TYCO is another family owned printer in our area. In celebration of summer, and of ten years of continuous publication we are offering a deal on new subscriptions. Sign up via the Paypal link on this site, we will start you subscription with “Disappear” and send you a free copy of Blink-Ink #36 “Summer Romance”. Thank you all for your support and welcome to all the new folks who stop by.

Thanks, Doug & Sally