Pushcart Award Nominations

With the greatest of pride we are trilled to announce the following. We wish to thank everyone
who was kind enough to share their work with us this past year, and only wish we were allowed to nominate every single story. Thank you everyone.

                             The Pushcart Prize 2019 Nominations 

Shaking Booty – E.D. Morin

The Hired Hand Who Quit on Labor Day – Todd Mercer

Summer in Japan- Sara Chausarkar

After Lunch – Miriam Kotzin

Marfa – C.R. Resetarits

Zoooom – Bryan Jansing

                        The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang 

Shoshauna Shy – Desk Clerk

K.W. Peery – Shady Eight

Jonathan Cardew –i. Bad Arm, ii. If I Only Have Eyes For your, Gouge Them Out And Take Them With You On That Round The World Trip, iii. Seven Hundred and Fifty Nine Knees

Francine Witte – Here, Then Not

Claire Polders – Musical Chairs

Daryl Scroggins – Lake Campout Revelation