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Lit Mag News! Becky Tuch of Lit Mag News was kind enough to give Blink-Ink avery great and insightful review. Big thanks to her for sure, but seriously look into her newsletter, lot’s of good stuff.


Blink Ink is a nifty little magazine. It comes in stapled pages, which I absolutely love, evoking as it does the punk-rock cousin of literary magazines: the zine. Issue 43’s cover features what I interpret as an extremely fed-up robot. She appears in a pastel palette that reminds us that, grudges and aggravations aside, spring is finally on its way.The inside cover also features some cool surreal art (a robot walks through an icy world where one red tree blazes). And the pages within are a delightful hot pink.The theme of the issue is Lost and Found, and all of the pieces, which appear to be no longer than 50 words or so, touch on this theme. Writers describe losing loved ones, finding new career paths, losing wedding rings, finding one’s white privilege. The pieces are charming and you can soak them up in a blink.The editors of this sweet little magazine say, “What we love most is writing that has found that preternatural detail of thought or thing that cracks the story open and allows it to matter or to reveal a truth.” Submissions should be about 50 words.** Sooo, Great time to submit! Great time to subscribe! **

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