Best Small Fictions & Best Microfiction Awards 2021

Awards season is upon us here at Blink-Ink and we wish to annonce our nominations for The Best Small Fictions, and the Best Microfiction Awards.

First from  Blink-Ink we have:

The Best Small Fictions 

Renuka Raghavan – “Dopplegånger

Adina Davis  – “The Hike”

Judy Darley – “The Only Language He Knows Now Is Touch”

Robin Stratton – “So That’s What I’m Doing”

Daryl Scroggins = “Marfa Heat”

The Best Microfiction

Gay Degani – “That Kind of Trouble”

Kevin Peery – “Otis Blue”

Adina Davis – “The Hike”

Emma Phillips – “I’m Not Your Cactus”

Robin Stratton – “So That’s What I’m Doing”

Daryl Scroggins – “Mrs. Grace and Mrs. Shoats Cut Peaches to Freeze”

 The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang nominated the following for both of the above named awards

Sara Jordan-Heintz – “Sardines”

Daniel Clark – “Lost in the Stars”

Luciana Francis – “Before theSchool Run”


Thank you, and Congratulations to you all. Thank you also to everyone who submitted work to us this year, we only wish there were more awards.




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