Blink Ink Pushcart 2015 Nominations

Blink Ink Pushcart Nominations 2015 Oct. 2015   Lynn Mundell #21 Ocean Noir   Katie Yates #20 haunted   Margaret Brinton #21 Pacific Loop   Hannah Hackney #20 Splinter   Lenore Weiss #19 Shuddering   Nancy Stohlman #21 My Father is Trying to Set the Record for Days Spent Petting a Shark  

Cities Issue #22 Guidelines (submissions closed)

Cities Cities in flight, cities in motion. Cities well know, cities beneath the ocean. The Eternal City, The Emerald City Cloud City, and  New Tokyo. The city that never sleeps, the city that never was. Hidden cities that wait, and cities forgotten long ago.   Your story should take place in a city, be about […]