Pushcart Award Nominations

With the greatest of pride we are trilled to announce the following. We wish to thank everyone
who was kind enough to share their work with us this past year, and only wish we were allowed to nominate every single story. Thank you everyone.

                             The Pushcart Prize 2019 Nominations 

Shaking Booty – E.D. Morin

The Hired Hand Who Quit on Labor Day – Todd Mercer

Summer in Japan- Sara Chausarkar

After Lunch – Miriam Kotzin

Marfa – C.R. Resetarits

Zoooom – Bryan Jansing

                        The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang 

Shoshauna Shy – Desk Clerk

K.W. Peery – Shady Eight

Jonathan Cardew –i. Bad Arm, ii. If I Only Have Eyes For your, Gouge Them Out And Take Them With You On That Round The World Trip, iii. Seven Hundred and Fifty Nine Knees

Francine Witte – Here, Then Not

Claire Polders – Musical Chairs

Daryl Scroggins – Lake Campout Revelation

Fall 2019 Issue “Disappear”

A week late, but a tremendous issue, B37 “Disappear has mailed out. Being our 10th Anniversary issue we shipped an unusually large number out copies out. A great deal of work went into this issue and the accompanying insert “Video Games”

Disappear has cover art by Jay Halsey who is a well know illustrator, but new to us. He did a great job. Below also you can see our list of contributors. Names both familiar and all new, which is how we like things. Our insert piece was edited by Sally Reno and come to us via the efforts of friends Edward DeVito and Chandra Bisberg of the Penobscot Community School, Penobscot, Maine. The young writers who contributed are all middle schoolers.

Blink-Ink is happy to share this news, and welcomes input. We are always looking for new and interesting projects and or partnerships as well.

Thank you, Doug Mathewson Editor, and Sally Reno Managing Editor

Issue #38 “True Crime” Now Open

                                          True Crime

Bang Bang Bang! Three shots rang out and you sent us your best “True Crime”
stories of approximately 50 words. Not necessarily ripped form the headlines,
not necessarily noir, but definitely something stylish and against the law!
Sharp suits, space-boots. High class, diving trash. Scraping by, living high.
Times gone by, right this sec, next big thing. Tell us all.
Submissions are open September 1st through October l5th, 2019.
Send submissions in the body of an email to: blinkinkinfo@gmail.com
General guidelines & information on our website www.blink-ink.org
We respond to all submissions & inquiries.

Summer And Soon To Be Fall News

Summer 2019 is slowing down, and there is so much coming up for Blink-Ink. The fall issue, Blink-Ink #37 “Disappear” is done and will be mailing our around Sept. 1st 2019. It goes out with an insert that is something very new to us. Inserts from Kitty Wang or other sources aren’t new, but the idea of this one is. Our managing Editor Sally Reno in collaboration with Edward DeVito and Chandra Bisberg and the Middle School students of Penobscot Community School, Penobscot Maine. The insert is all student writing on the topic of video games. “Disappear” is our 10th Anniversary issue. We are very proud of every issue, but this one especially as it contains so many wonderfully talented writers of diverse backgrounds. Cover art by Jay Halsey is stunning.

We have changed printers as K&G Graphics has closed it’s doors, and are now working with TYCO print and Promo. TYCO is another family owned printer in our area. In celebration of summer, and of ten years of continuous publication we are offering a deal on new subscriptions. Sign up via the Paypal link on this site, we will start you subscription with “Disappear” and send you a free copy of Blink-Ink #36 “Summer Romance”. Thank you all for your support and welcome to all the new folks who stop by.

Thanks, Doug & Sally

Coming September 2019

September first 2019 will see an exceptional issue from Blink-Ink.

First off it will mark ten years of publication for us (don’t do the math). We have something special planned in way of an additional mini-chap insert once again from good friend Kitty Wang and her Mambo Academy Crew. Shorter term here are the guidelines for the issue. Any comments or questions, please email us. We do respond to all inquiries. Every one on them.


Vanish into thin air. Hop down your best Rabbit Hole. Get off the grid. Disconnect. Became part of the wallpaper. Fade away. Must you go? Is there danger? Or is the choice not yours to make. People to avoid, or just too hard to explain. Is this instigated by some one else ? But why? Benevolent intervention, deadly threat, or matters unknown.
Submissions are open June 1st through July 15th for your stories of approximately
50 words. Send in the body of an email to blinkinkinfo@gmail.com No bios, attachments, or poetry please.
For additional submissions information see www.blink-ink.org