Pushcart Award Nominations

We have submitted the following nominations for the 2022 Pushcart Awards. We only wish we could submit more as we had so many fantastic writers share their work with us this past year.

Blink-Ink Nominations

Gay Degani – “That Kind of Trouble”

E.E. Rhodes – “Extinction Level Events For Creationists”

Adina Davis – “The Hike”

K.W. Peery – “Otis Blue”

Renuka Raghavan – “Dopplegånger”

Emma Phillips – “Counting Magpies”

The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang Nominations

Sara Jordan-Heintz – “Sardines

Luciana Francis – “Before the School Run”




Best Small Fictions & Best Microfiction Awards 2021

Awards season is upon us here at Blink-Ink and we wish to annonce our nominations for The Best Small Fictions, and the Best Microfiction Awards.

First from  Blink-Ink we have:

The Best Small Fictions 

Renuka Raghavan – “Dopplegånger

Adina Davis  – “The Hike”

Judy Darley – “The Only Language He Knows Now Is Touch”

Robin Stratton – “So That’s What I’m Doing”

Daryl Scroggins = “Marfa Heat”

The Best Microfiction

Gay Degani – “That Kind of Trouble”

Kevin Peery – “Otis Blue”

Adina Davis – “The Hike”

Emma Phillips – “I’m Not Your Cactus”

Robin Stratton – “So That’s What I’m Doing”

Daryl Scroggins – “Mrs. Grace and Mrs. Shoats Cut Peaches to Freeze”

 The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang nominated the following for both of the above named awards

Sara Jordan-Heintz – “Sardines”

Daniel Clark – “Lost in the Stars”

Luciana Francis – “Before theSchool Run”


Thank you, and Congratulations to you all. Thank you also to everyone who submitted work to us this year, we only wish there were more awards.