Update Notes

This time of year we all find ourselves watching one clock or another. Fall is in the air, and winter soon to be on the ground. With that and so much more in mind, here are a few updates and notes.

Issue #54 “Family” closed on October 15th. It is now at our printers and it should mail out on December 1st, 2023. Guidelines for 55 (theme to be announced) ¬†will go up at that time. The issue is good, really good, and we are so happy to share all the fantastic stories and art contained in the extra big end-of-year-holiday treat.

Clock watchers will note that this is also awards season. We just posted our Pushcat Prize nominees here and on social media as well. Soon we will post our line up for The Best Smalls and the Best Micros.

Didwe forget something? Send us a note ….