Fall 2019 Issue “Disappear”

A week late, but a tremendous issue, B37 “Disappear has mailed out. Being our 10th Anniversary issue we shipped an unusually large number out copies out. A great deal of work went into this issue and the accompanying insert “Video Games”

Disappear has cover art by Jay Halsey who is a well know illustrator, but new to us. He did a great job. Below also you can see our list of contributors. Names both familiar and all new, which is how we like things. Our insert piece was edited by Sally Reno and come to us via the efforts of friends Edward DeVito and Chandra Bisberg of the Penobscot Community School, Penobscot, Maine. The young writers who contributed are all middle schoolers.

Blink-Ink is happy to share this news, and welcomes input. We are always looking for new and interesting projects and or partnerships as well.

Thank you, Doug Mathewson Editor, and Sally Reno Managing Editor

Robots A/I issue opens Dec.1rst 2018

here are the guidelines for our new issue which opens for submissions Dec. 1st, 2018 and runs till Jan. 15th, 2019. We are excited about this issue and look forward to reading your stories. We are interested in artwork for the issue as well. Thanks.


Old steam powered robots day’s ended with the introduction of artificial intelligence.
Be as nostalgic as you like about the “Boiler Men” who fought side by side with Teddy
Roosevelt on San Juan Hill, but these “mechanical men” hardly compare to today’s
Synthetic Citizens®
We are happy to read stories of approximately 50 words regarding robots, but what we are specifically interested in is artificial intelligence. AI in robot bodies or perhaps not.
Send submissions in the body of an email to: blinkinkinfo@gmail.com
General details and guidelines on our website www.blink-ink.org
We respond to all submissions & inquiries.