Blink-Ink Dance Party !

We asked a double handful of Blink-Ink All Stars to put on their dancing shoes, bring records in from home, and share some very short stories. Rocky Mountain Revival was kind enough to host our podcast, so a very big thanks to Levi Andrew Noe who runs the show. We all hope you can find the time to listen, and if you like what you hear please vote for Levi’s show at iTunes podcasts. We are delighted to so many fine readers including Catfish McDaris, Nancy Stohlman, Meg Tuite, Jonathan Cardew, Jayne Martin, Gat detain, Paul Beckman, Sharon Coleman, Lynn Mundell, or very own Sally Reno, and I close out the show. Please take a listen, and tell us what you think so we can make the next one even better.¬†¬†Check out our Dance Party!