Pushcart Nominations 2016

This is a magic time of year for many reasons. The reason we have in mind is The Pushcart Awards. Every year publications both great and small may nominate up to six  pieces of work that they have published in the last twelve months. This is a way for us to recognize authors and to say thanks for supporting Blink-Ink. We are working on a special project involving our 2015 and 2016 nominees. More to come on that. As some of you know Blink-Ink has a sister publication (and another in the wings). “The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang” is small and therefore only has one nomination, but hopes to grow and be more prolific in 2017.

Here are our nominees, and congratulations to you all.

Blink-Ink 2016 Pushcart Nominations

Rob Geisen #25 Civil War

Steven Dunn #25 Stay

Selah Saterstrom #25 Digging for the Devil

Gay Degani #23 Prayer

Jesse Anger #22 Presence

Kathryn Knudson #24 After Work

The Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang 2016 Pushcart Nomination

Sally Reno  –  Tom, The Henchman’s Boy


“Mystery Train” Reviewed by New Pages

New Pages is a very comprehensive website listing, and reviewing magazines, websites, podcasts, and journals. They are fee free and a very good alternative, or as I see it a compliment to Duotrope Digest. Recently Katy Haas at New Pages did an exceptionally nice review of issue 23, the “Mystery Train” issue. She took care and really spent the time to go through and evaluate many of the pieces we published. By name she complimented Kona Morris, Gay Degani, Jennifer Davis, Meg Tuite, Craig Faustus Buck, Len Kuntz, Isobel Horsburgh, Winston Van Lance, and Kristen Fouquet for her amazing Edgar Allan Poe-Boy postcard insert. Thanks of course to Katy Haas, but a big thanks to everyone who helped with the issue be you mentioned or not. Here’s the link.


Blink Ink Pushcart 2015 Nominations

Blink Ink Pushcart Nominations 2015

Oct. 2015


Lynn Mundell #21

Ocean Noir


Katie Yates #20



Margaret Brinton #21

Pacific Loop


Hannah Hackney #20



Lenore Weiss #19



Nancy Stohlman #21

My Father is Trying to Set the Record

for Days Spent Petting a Shark