Submissions For Issue #26 “Space” Are Now Open

Space ….. to boldly go etc. When this issue comes out the Winter Solstice will have passed and all will be made anew. A new year, a new regime, and a fresh new start. We feel an expansive, adventurous, futuristic theme would be in order. To paraphrase PKD at his finest these should be “Stories that could only take place in space”. Your story should be about space, outer space, the cosmos, or the ever elusive partner of space …. time. Please send us your best prose fiction of 50 words or less that touches upon our theme. No poetry, no bios please. Submissions open November1 through Dec 14.

Submissions open for issue #25 “Crossroads”


When young Dorothy asks the Scare Crow which fork in the yellow Brick Road leads to the Emerald City, she is only asking for directions.

That is not the story we are looking for. Tell us in fifty words or so about facing decisions that will change everything. The future of an individual, a group, a nation, or the world.

Daily we make dozens of choices, of decisions, but how many matter?

We want to hear about the important ones.

Traditionally Crossroads have been places of destiny, a liminal space between worlds ruled by Gods and demons alike. In ancient times hanged men and suicides were buried at Crossroads to confuse tormented spirits should they return.

Send us stories that tell us what we need to know, and perhaps what shouldn’t know as well. This issue seems to have a darker feeling than most of what we publish.

Perhaps it is a refection of our times.

Please send submissions from August first through September 15th in the body of an email to:

No attachments or bios please. We read and respond to all submissions.

The “Magic” issue has now closed.

Submissions for Blink #24 “Magic’ closed last night. We wish to thank everyone who sent in their work. We received very good stories and art, more than would fit. Something we are very happy about is how many new people sent in their work. Seeing submissions from old friend and reading their work is always great, but getting so many submissions of real quality from people we don’t know (yet) is great. More details will be coming along. Guidelines for the next issue will be up by August first, unless plans get changed and we do it sooner. Thanks to everyone!


Mystery Train issue closes early

We have closed the “Mystery Train” issue today as it is not only full, it has been super-sized to an extraordinary 24 pages. Submissions have been fantastic, so good news in the issue will be amazing, but sadly closing three weeks early.

We will try to be smarter about this next time. Speaking of next time…..guidelines for issue #24 will be up around April first. Check here as well as our Facebook page Blink-Ink Print.

“Mystery Train” will be shipping a little early so we hope to see it in the mails around mid-March. Thanks everybody for everything.

Submissions Open Issue #23

Submissions are now open for issue #23 of Blink-Ink. They will remains so until March 15th, 2016.

Please see guidelines below, the issue is themed. Please send submissions in the body of an email to:   No bio required, email any questions as well.

Mystery Train Issue

The Mystery Train.

Who rides such a train, and why?

Going to, running from, or does that even matter?

Do our passengers sit in coach with their tickets, or ride concealed without?

Perhaps a mix (and does our mix “mix”).

Lee Marvin tough-guy drifter, Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp.

Who stayed behind, and who, if anyone, waits up ahead?

Does anyone else knows of this journey?

Someone special, or no one at all.

In transit – passengers – crew – stowaways.

Points of departure – destinations – stops along the way.

In fifty words or so tell us your story.

Stories of people, places, journeys, encounters, even of the train itself.

Do not feel restricted by these guidelines, they are intended as a starting point.

We also request photography and original artwork for this issue.