about blink-ink

Welcome to Blink-Ink. We strive to publish the finest in short (50 word) fiction. Flash fiction today, by what ever name, in whatever form holds the readers attention tighter than long format literature, just not as long. Many readers feel they do not have time to read novels. No time for big and serious books it seems. If we do a combined word count of all the little stories we read and tell each other in emails, texts, tweets, and social media postings the number of words we actually read weekly would equal “Moby Dick” and maybe Joyce’s “Ulysses” as well. This is how our minds work yes, but how our time works as well. Readers often tell us they carry a copy or two of Blink-Ink in their pocket or carry-bag to read during their commute and on little breaks that occur during their day.
At Blink Ink we have two primary goals. To publish the finest in eclectic succinct short fiction, and to be inclusive of writers as well as readers.
We very much wish to be a publication writers are proud to be in and readers are excited to read. We work towards these goals every issue.