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Watch the True Crime Video:

Cinematographer: Richard T. Smith
Producer/Director/Writer: Sally Reno
The Detective: Erik Wilkins
Femme Fatale: Kathryn Grant

The Rocky Mountain Revival podcast hosted two episodes featuring Blink Ink contributors. Those episodes are shared below:

Blink Ink Dance Party #2 – January 2017

Credits to:
Host: Levi Andrew Noe

Nancy Stohlman
Rob Geisen,
Lynn Mundell,
Gay Degani,
Catfish McDaris,
Sally Reno,
Doug Mathewson,
Kat Knudson,
Katie Yates,

With musical accompaniment from Nick Busheff.

Hosted by Rocky Mountain Revival in January 2017.

Blink Ink Dance Party #1 – April 2016

Credits to:
Host: Levi Andrew Noe;

Catfish McDaris
Nancy Stohlman
Meg Tuite
Jonathan Cardew
Jayne Martin
Gay Degani
Paul Beckman
Sharon Coleman
Lynn Mundell
Sally Reno
Doug Matthewson

Hosted by Rocky Mountain Revival in April 2016.