Pushcart Award Nominations

With the greatest of pride we are trilled to announce the following. We wish to thank everyone who was kind enough to share their work with us this past year, and only wish we were allowed to nominate every single story. Thank you everyone. Shaking Booty – E.D. Morin The Hired Hand Who Quit on […]

Fall 2019 Issue “Disappear”

A week late, but a tremendous issue, B37 “Disappear has mailed out. Being our 10th Anniversary issue we shipped an unusually large number out copies out. A great deal of work went into this issue and the accompanying insert “Video Games” Disappear has cover art by Jay Halsey who is a well know illustrator, but […]

Issue #38 “True Crime” Now Open

Bang Bang Bang! Three shots rang out and you sent us your best “True Crime” stories of approximately 50 words. Not necessarily ripped form the headlines, not necessarily noir, but definitely something stylish and against the law! Sharp suits, space-boots. High class, diving trash. Scraping by, living high. Times gone by, right this sec, next […]

Summer And Soon To Be Fall News

Summer 2019 is slowing down, and there is so much coming up for Blink-Ink. The fall issue, Blink-Ink #37 “Disappear” is done and will be mailing our around Sept. 1st 2019. It goes out with an insert that is something very new to us. Inserts from Kitty Wang or other sources aren’t new, but the […]

Coming September 2019

September first 2019 will see an exceptional issue from Blink-Ink. First off it will mark ten years of publication for us (don’t do the math). We have something special planned in way of an additional mini-chap insert once again from good friend Kitty Wang and her Mambo Academy Crew. Shorter term here are the guidelines […]