“Mercy” Blink-Ink Issue #42

Here are our guidelines for issue #42 out December of 2020. “Mercy, mercy, mercy me.Where did all the blue skies go?Poison is the wind that blow…”Mercy, mercy, me. Marvin GayeMercy will be the theme of Blink-Ink’s December issue. We are quite serious about this one. Humor or satire will certainly be considered, but it must […]

Home Cooking

Issue #B41 shipped out a little early. We were and are concerned about the USPS, so a little extra time for delivery seemed wise. The issue looks good we think, and so far has been well received. We do have some additional copies available. Under discussion at this time is a revamp of our website, […]

Guidelines for Home Cooking

Home Cooking Mom’s mac and cheese with cocktail wieners or a favorite meal you like to make. Tasty fare or a hard slog through a dismally over-done Sunday dinner. Dining delights dreamed of when there is little to hand. What else can we “cooked up at home”, a plan, a scheme intertwined with adventure. Sure […]

Road Trip B39 Follow-up

Our Road Trip issue mailed in time fora June 1st, 2020 delivery. We are very please with the issue, as the look and feel are great, only surpassed by the extraordinary writing from contributors around the world. This issue we had writers from New Zealand, Japan, Cyprus, Australia, and our usual/unusual collection of UK and […]

Road Trip Wrap Up

First off, thank you one and all for the huge number of submissions we have received of our Road trip issue that closed on April 15th, 2020. Having so much of the world in quarantine and people staying home I am sure increased our numbers, but thanks also to Nicole and Katy at New Pages, […]